May 26, 2012

Welcome to the world of weddings

Just like every other girl I too have dreamed about my wedding day ever since I was a little girl. My friends say (and I agree!) I am a little crazy about weddings. I just love weddings in any form. I don’t care if it is a weeklong event or just a small 3 hour ceremony; if it’s a Nikah or a Konkani wedding. They all entice me.

I often agree when people say that Indian weddings are overrated and there is no need of pouring all of your bank balance over just a day. But I will never have the same opinion when they say weddings are a waste of time and money. I believe if you plan wisely, you can have a finest wedding which will be remembered for life, without splurging out and worrying about money.

What’s the harm in celebrating your day lavishly with your family and friends? Let me confess, no matter how understanding the bride is, to ignore her dreams and gracefully accept whatever is being offered, she will never complain if you give her a fairytale wedding. Spending all you have just to look perfect on your “D” Day is foolishness according to me. But if you are amongst the blessed ones, why not have what you/ your bride dreamt of! Just think of it as a party and remember to have fun!! I am sure you won’t regret when you see the pictures a few decades down the line.

This blog is going to be about wedding planning, trousseau shopping, wedding rituals, bridezillas, do n don’ts, basically it will cover anything and everything about weddings especially Maharashtrian weddings!!


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