June 11, 2012

Get Engaged in Ishtyle ;)

Once you get your wedding date, you can start planning for your engagement. There are many factors which are taken into account while planning your engagement most importantly, the availability of the bride, groom and their closed ones.
A perfect engagement should not be too close to your wedding date. You would end up thinking so much about the wedding and would be busy dealing with the pre-wedding nervousness which every bride goes through! Moreover, just imagine how excited you are +/- 3 days of your special days. You will get to enjoy that feeling of a bride twice: once on your engagement and once on your wedding! ;) You won’t drain out your guests with the series of events one after the other. On the other hand, you might be able to save time, money and effort if all the functions are clubbed together (typically when the families of the bride and groom stay far apart from each other)
Neither should you get engaged too early. Too much gap might reduce your excitement for the wedding. Plus you cannot wisely use your experience which you get while planning the engagement as there will be a gap in the market prices if your engagement was a year back.
Ideally, you should get engaged anytime between 3-6 months before your wedding. This enables you to simultaneously prepare for your wedding while planning your engagement. I am not sure if this is the fact or my psychology, but the moment you say “wedding” the vendors pounce upon you and amplify their prices. You can bargain well by saying – it’s just an engagement and you don’t want to spend a lot over it. Plus, if you try to book your vendor for 2 functions, you might enjoy the bargaining power of the customer as the vendor might be motivated to give you an additional discount (in cash or kind). For eg: if you book a photographer for the engagement and the wedding at once, he might charge you a little less or give you a pre wedding photo shoot for free!
Innovative/Cost effective ideas for your engagement:
·         Both the bride – groom can make a surprise AV (audio visual) for their spouse which:
o    Tells their story as a couple
o   Shows how excited your family is to welcome the newly added member (apt in case of arrange marriage)
o   Introduces your spouse to your family (add his/her childhood photographs, messages from his/her first cousins, etc)
·         Have an Engagement cake! There are cute varieties available in the market.

Sweet Passions, Chembur
·         So what if you couldn’t propose her in the right way, here is an excellent opportunity: bend down on one knee while placing the ring on your bride’s finger – Clichéd but will make her feel special if you club it with the right words
 ·         Wedding Vows: You won’t get too much time for it in your wedding chaos but engagements are pretty relaxed and most importantly you only have the closest family and friends who are genuinely interested in what you feel about each other.
·         Surprise your bride with a huge picture frame of you two covered in pink satin with the help of a ribbon. You can use this frame as a décor in your house/bedroom. What a special way to say “I love you”!!

Do let me know how your engagement turned out to be!!

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  1. That cake looks too good to eat!! :p
    Great post :) Engagements are a big deal - its all about the ring lol!


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