July 2, 2012

7-10 months before your wedding!

Wedding Venue booked: This is the most important and the most difficult part of wedding planning. Start as early as possible – Good venues sell like hot cakes!! Some places are booked for a year. Especially during the peak wedding season of December.

What did I do - I had to struggle so much to get the right venue! I will have to write a post on it – scheduled in the next week. Update: Tips on Wedding venues - here!
Bridal Jewelry: Have a budget. See what all fits into it. Do some trousseau research and see if your selected jewelry can compliment the clothing. If you are going to wear real jewelry I suggest you buy it well in advance. Refer this post for wise decisions.
What did I do - I bought most of the jewelry 8 months in advance so that the expenses are spread over a long period of time. Your expenses are going to increase considerably as your wedding date approaches. In my case, wedding jewelry comprises about 30-40% of the wedding budget. Papa is thanking me now for that decision! ;) See how - here!
Photographer hunt: You don’t need to book a photographer so early but surely need to start your research. If you send a quotation request to 50 photographers, the chances are that you will find less than 10 photographers who fit into your requirement. Some of them have highly overrated themselves for the price they quote!
What did I do - I spent days on the computer like a maniac, shortlisted about 5 photographers. Will negotiate with them very soon! I will write a detailed post on what to ask a photographer. Update: Tips on Photographers - here!
Body care: Start having healthy food and treat your body with enough nutrients. Exercise – Join Aerobics or a Dance class or Yoga. It will help you be active throughout your wedding planning phase.
What did I do – To be honest – Nothing!! :S But I promise that I start today itself. Just that I drink lots of water every day. See how - here!
Tailor research: All about it in my post here!


  1. Great going! I've started yoga classes 2 weeks back. I know, I've started late. Ideally, I should've started 6 months before my wedding. But chalta hai :) I have a personal yoga instructor coming to my house now 3 times a week, so I can't ditch class! And I've made my parents also join with me :) :)

    1. Smart move by having the class at home and getting your parents involved!! But living in Mumbai becomes so hectic - I spend 3 hours just to travel from home to office and back!! But no excuses! Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't, I should give myself reasons why I can!! :P


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