July 29, 2012

Bridal nail colour

While I was driving back home on a usual Saturday afternoon, I thought why dont I tell my fellow brides about my favorite Bridal Nail colour - Maybelline Colorama Nail Color - ZARZAMORA!!
Planning to wear this on the ring ceremony!! Any other suggestions?

I first tried it at a parlour after I got the manicure done for one my cousin's wedding last year. I never dared to buy a red nail colour before that. Now, I almost have all the shades in Red!!

What I liked about this product:
Its easy to apply.
Rich in colour
Looks great on both Indian and western outfits
Its cheap
Great quality
Dries up quickly

What I dint like about  this product:
It looks too dark during the night. Great but dark!
I am not too fond of Mehendi. So it doesnt matter to me. But this colour might not go well with the Mehendi.

Things to remember:
You might point out, why do I call it a bridal nail colour when it is not suited with Mehendi (You cannot imagine an Indian bride without Mehendi you see)? This is a bridal colour because, there are going to be times when you will be running around in shorts doing the last minute arrangements and within a few hours attending a wedding function where you want to look all bridal. This product will serve a time saver for such events! You can carry this off well during the soon to be bride phase and the newly married phase.


  1. Tiny suggestion if I may, if your going for reds or maroons for your wedding day then you'll already have a similar color nail paint on the D day.

    So for ring ceremony isn't it better to have a different color, just for a bit of change.

    Ofcourse if your not planning to wear red on the wedding day then this does look like the perfect nail color for ring ceremony, looks really nice against your skin

    1. I am avoinding this colour for the wedding coz there will be Mehendi on my hands and as I mentioned in the post, I am not sure if this will look good with dark Mehendi. But I agree on having a different colour for both the functions!

    2. oh ok, If you find a good red which works well with mehendi for the wedding day, please let me know! searching for one that doesnt chip!


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