July 15, 2012

Guess which designer I ran into yesterday?? & Engagement Outfit Shopping

It was day 2 of my engagement outfit shopping yesterday. I went shopping with my mom and the groom-to-be. Both of them tortured me to death. I have given up and decided that I will be shopping only with my MIL. My mom and the groom-to-be rejoiced when they heard that they are spared of the suffering. My MIL is as enthusiastic as I am, gives me honest opinions and does not compel me to buy anything she likes. In fact if I say I am not sure if I like it – she throws that dress a mile away (even if she must have liked the dress a lot).

On the other hand my mother feels obligated if a SA shows us a few dresses and we don’t buy it. I understand that because I am also one of those but c’mon I am only getting married once and I don’t want to rush into something just because it looks good on me. Am I getting too obsessed? The 1st thing I tried on just to see if the colour looks fine on me and mom said – this is the one, just buy it! Frankly she likes anything I try on even if it is full of bling and is looking aweful on me (mom’s will be mom’s!).

The groom-to-be is even more torturous! We planned to shop for the whole day and he got bored within an hour!! It was a pain to get him to be with us for the day. After like 3-4 hours of apparent shopping (coz we had lunch for 1½ hours in between) he just surrendered and wanted to go home. Me, a little angry, a little crazy and a little naughty quietly sneaked in to another store while returning back to the car and asked my mom to call him in (he can’t get angry on my mom right!). Without wasting any more time, I headed straight up to the lehenga section. I was hurrying to check out the collection as I climbed up the 1st floor of the store and there was a guy with his back facing me – talking about a kurta, its colour with fabrics in his hand. As soon as I reached the top the guy turned and there he was – Manish Malhotra totally checking out what I was wearing!! ;) :P (I am not exaggerating at all) I am so glad I wasn’t wearing one of my regular printed 3/4th sleeve shopping t-shirt and my same old denims.

I felt secured enough to know that I am shopping at the right stores! J J


  1. OOh lucky you :)

    You should have asked him for advice :P
    Have meet him once, really a sweet person.

    So did you pick out your engagement dress or not???

    Can totally understand the want of wanting a perfect dress, my mom and me have been to over 21 shops already (I realized it when i wrote bout it in my blog ) , but the good thing is my mom is like me,, till we dont get the X-factor feeling we dont buy

    1. Not yet!! But hav shortlisted 2 dresses. Will go and buy this Saturday. This week is packed for all of us :( I wish its the same for the whole of Mumbai coz I want those two dresses on the rack till Saturday!! :S

      Arre my mom doesnt like wrong stuff. She only likes anything and everything "I" try on. Too much daughter love I guess!! :P

    2. haha mom's are like that sumtimes. But great your MIL has same choice!!

      keeping my fingers crossed for your dresses!

  2. That sounds exciting!! I would have totally asked him for advice lol :p

    1. I thought of doing that but then I wanted him to have his space. And as I started looking at the gorgeous lehengas I forgot about everybody in the room!! :P Never mind - there's always a next time. :)

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