July 18, 2012

Kalaniketan Store review

I visited Kalaniketan Sarees in Juhu a few days back. I am in love with pure silk sarees and love the variety of colours this store offers.
What I found on their racks:
·         Kanjivaram
·         Benarasi
·         Garhwal
·         Patola
·         Garchola (Gujrati bridal saree)
·         Bandhani
·         Designer sarees
·         Hand-worked sarees
·         They also had suits, daily wear kurtas, normal sarees, etc but I did not enter that section

What I like about the store:
Because I was there during the afternoon (almost empty store), the Sales assistant generously showed us almost all the varieties of pure silk. He also proactively showed us a hand woven Patola silk saree which costed about 1L INR and something called uppada silk (purest form) costing about 60-80K INR. There was a cheaper variety of this uppal silk for about 8K INR (both the sarees looked identical to me! Just that I loved the colour of the 80K saree more). There was everything in the store that we asked for – full of stock!

What I dint like about the store:
Such a nice store should have sufficient lighting for the silk sarees to shine. This was the biggest turn-off for me. Do not expect a lot from the designer sarees and the hand-worked (jardosi-ished saree) – lack of variety and you get plenty options in their next door stores.
Would I visit again?
Definitely yes! But only for Pure silk sarees. I have shortlisted a hand-woven Benarsi saree from this store. But wasn’t too sure as this was the first store I visited for saree shopping. Do you have any store / pure silk sarees variety recommendations?
Things to remember:
·         Check before buying if there are cheaper versions available in the type of saree you are buying. My mom bought a semi-expensive bandhani-like silk saree which got duplicate cheaper versions, consequently making my mom detest the saree she loved while buying. Don’t let this happen to you!

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