July 27, 2012

Make-up Magajmari!

Every girl wants to look flawless with/without make-up. Reasons to go for makeup - experiment with colours, get a new look everyday and feel happy inside with a sense of achievement! I know tons of non make-up girls who feel make-up is a necessity, a little effort can drastically transform you into a diva in minutes.

But these girls have problems - real serious problems! What colours go with what skin tone, Skin looking even more dull after applying make-up, time crunches, nasty habbits (very much normal) like rubbing your eye every minute. The list is endless.

Wait.. This is still a bridal blog!! I just want to convey that it is essential for a bride-to-be to learn a few basic make-up techniques to overcome these problems. TheDelhiBride wrote a beautiful post on why a BTB needs to know a little about make-up and her make-up experiences.

My take on it: 
  1. You can appoint a MUA once, twice or max thrice throughout your wedding. But what about all the other small functions? Do you want to look like you are attending a friends ceremony? (I am sure you will look & feel special no matter what but a little make-up will add that oomph to it!) I recently got to know that I will have to change 5 times on the day of my wedding. Yes you heard it right - 5 TIMES IN A DAY!! I dont have that much time & money to ask the MUA to stay with me through the day. Solution: DIY light make up.
  2. If you get the hang of it, you can ask the MUA to use your own tried and tested products on your precious skin. You dont want a rash/allergy to show on your wedding day right? Also, you will always have products with the shade which is closest match to your skin tone.
  3. Even after a lot of practise, if you are still not confident, you can hire a relatively cheaper MUA for smaller functions. Ask her to use all your branded products. These MUA's with a good experience, do make-up with great technique. They are cheaper just because they dont use high end products.
  4. Even if you do not become an expert in this field, you will know the do's n dont's. This will be very helpful during MUA trial sessions.
  5. This one is funny, but these beauty bloggers make it sound so exciting. You get to know some cheapest and the best products available in the market, easy to do tutorials, etc.
Disclaimer: I am a strictly no make-up girl. In fact a few years back I remember saying that I need no make-up on my wedding. I own a lot of stuff but never have the patience and time to experiment in these sectors (Moreover, I always failed in my attempts!) But, its my wedding and I want to look & feel perfect. If it takes me to wear make-up - so will I! :P

What do I do?
I am in process of buying the right beauty products. Having trials at home after office. I am getting better slowly and steadily.

When it comes to make-up, I feel - If I can do it ANYBODY on this planet can do it!


  1. :) thanks for the mention!
    I'm glad you're also slowly introducing yourself to the world of makeup. I was exactly the same...till just last year, I barely knew anything. Bought a foundation for the first time but knew nothing about using it. Thanks to Peaches & Blush blog, I've gotten interested in some makeup basics. I'm relatively ok with foundation and blush application now. But concealor, eyeliner...still no clue! What have you been experimenting with in the evenings? Let's exchange notes please!

  2. I too got interested in Make-up because of Mehak! She's the best. Of course we should help each other out. I must say I got close to correct application of foundation coz of you. I feel an amateur understands the real problem. What seems obvious to experts might not be so noticeable to beginners.

  3. Lol! Funny to hear that I helped someone out with a makeup tip :) If I tell my sister, she will most definitely laugh - she knows so much more than I do.

  4. Hey, u know u can even try out Lakme Salons..even they do it well.. :)

    1. I somehow dint like the pics they showed me. Still I am planning to give them a visit for a trial.

  5. For small functions if you plan to use a MUA, just tell them you want 'party makeup' don't mention its your wedding function cause then there rates shoot up almost double. Say its a friends or cousin.

    for a small function you need something that will make you look pretty enough for the pictures and it needs to stay on for a few hours.

    Most MUA will do a pretty good job even then

    1. Yeah. I am using the cousins wedding idea while buying the trousseau sarees too!! :P


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