July 25, 2012

Moms will be moms: Jewelry

One fine day – Mom: “You are not wearing anything artificial on your wedding”. I still have no answer to the WHY popped in most of your heads. But that is how it is. Although I treat wedding jewelry as beautiful accessories, my innocent mother calls it “Stri Dhan” (Lady Treasure). I was never too finicky about wedding jewelry – except for the fact that I never liked plain gold jewelry as I felt it doesn’t go well with the lehenga (I beg to differ now: there are amazing varieties in stores these days. Check out these).

One Sunday afternoon…
We just went window shopping (actually to get an estimate in case we like anything). To my surprise, just in the second/third store we visited that day, my dearest mamma gave away a cheque and booked 3 necklace sets (Ruby, Emerald & Gold with pearls) at a time from one store. Even after my constant attempts of hinting her to stop!! Not that I dint like the stuff, in fact I loved it. Just that it was too expensive. I sometimes feel my mom is even crazier than I am while shopping.
Before this extravaganza happened, we had already booked a diamond set from Reliance Jewels which is my most favorite. So we had 4 sets in total. Even though I am not a jewelry freak, I started to fall in love with those beautiful sets!
A few months later…
My MIL calls up and says: “when will you be free for jewelry shopping?” I was like – I have already bought enough jewelry. But again, moms will be moms – We ended up buying another diamond necklace set.
Again after a few months…
Mom: “I am not feeling good that you don’t have anything in just gold” (Almost treating the diamonds and rubies we bought as artificial jewelry). You will need some long necklace during the pheras.  I remained stunned for a while! So now we are about to buy one more long gold neckpiece.
Major Learning’s: Even after planning my wedding to the minutest details – I have ended up spending my entire wedding estimate on something I wasn’t too excited about. Although now I just can’t wait to wear them all!! But the repercussions are such that now I am going to compromise on an expensive photographer. They say wedding jewelry will stay with you forever but so do wedding photos. In fact, I say you can buy as many necklaces’ you want later but you will never get a chance to get your wedding pictures clicked again!
Albeit, DO NOT let this happen to you. Spend wisely! First, have an unambiguous talk with your mother and MIL to check who wants to buy what. For eg: if your mom is buying a long necklace your MIL can buy a short one. We ended up buying 2 Diamond, 1 Ruby, 1 Emerald, 1 Gold (with pearls) & 1 Gold (long). 6 necklaces’ and only 3 big functions (at max)!! I wonder if there is any money left for the bangles, anklettes, waisbelt, etc! :P I have a superb idea for all this though.. Stay tuned!

PS: I hope I (read: A Bridal Blogger) am not being an idiot by publishing how foolish I have been. Nonetheless, you can take huge learnings from this post & many more to come!! I am your guniea pig.. :P


  1. I would kill someone if my candid photographer budget got eaten into by some other part of the wedding. Like, literally...kill! You're so very sweet like that. Your Mother and MIL are lucky! :)

  2. Hehe. I feel the other way round though. I am going to have a candid photographer for sure. Just that he/she will be a budget one.

  3. haha, loved this post.

    Although unlike you I love real jewelry and jewelry shopping :D

    But agree you on the fact mom's do end up going a little crazy over it.

    PS: Doing a jewelry post soon on my blog...can I please link this post on it...pleaseee....

    1. Ok I am linking it, (i am a bit impatient I know, sorry) incase of any issus let me know! will remove asap!

      check it out on http://crazyindianwedding.blogspot.in/2012/08/modern-brides-16-singar.html

  4. hi, nice & informative posts... though i also love gold jewellery, i am planning to buy some artificial jewellery to go along with it ...plz let me know where i can find them in mumbai in good quality . Also would u have any idea where i can find good and elegant lehangas ?? plz suggest ..thanks a ton!!

    1. Post on Lehenga stores in Mumbai coming up soon. I do not buy a lot of artificial jewellry but this is what I have heard from a lot of people: There is a wholesale market in Zaveri bazaar lane(you will surely need patience) but this is the market from where sets are distributed throughout Mumbai or you can go to the big novelty stores in your locality and find a close match.
      I mostly wear artificial earrings (long) which I buy from: Colaba, Local novelty stores, Mall stores like Zuni, Accessorize and Shoppers stop, etc.

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