July 24, 2012

Tie the knot

Obsessed about your wedding? This smart app is made for you!! When people ask you the most routine question every bride/groom to be is asked – Yes, I am talking about the one which says “When is D-Day”. Astound them by saying “After 105 days and 18 hours”!! :P

On a serious note, this app comes handy while you are planning your wedding. Like, you know that you have to book a photographer, look for a lehenga, buy dozens of saris, find the engagement rings, etc etc and just 100 days in hand. Sometimes, my parents feel we have ample time remaining to start all the shopping & wedding preparations. With this app, I astutely remind them saying we have less than 150 days left and more than 150 tasks pending! Plus we won’t be able to just work towards the wedding all the time. They start getting all serious when they see this.

Tie the knot is an Apple app, which looks like this when you enter your wedding details:

isnt it cute?

You won’t have to buy an Apple for this app. There are such apps available for all kinds of mobile phones. For eg: I had an Android a few months back and used the Wedding Countdown app which served the same purpose.

These apps are generally free of cost!! :D


  1. Cant find any good one's on a blackberry :(

  2. Here is one and its FREE! Tell us if it suits you well.

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