July 11, 2012

Wedding sale

A compiled post on wedding sales in Mumbai!! ;)

World trade centre, Cuff Parade

Will be definitely going!! :D

You can genuinely save up - I bought 2 sarees and 1 dress in the last sale.

Mom says its nice

Just wanted to convey the Options sale

Lovely collection just a little expensive!! 

All brands under one roof

Been here once - quite likable

Never been here 

Flat 15% off on traditional saree. Its a pre wedding sale!! (1st July onwards)

Things to remember:

  1. You should always buy must-buy items in sale. For eg: you can buy a traditional yellow saree for the saptapadi (pheras) from stores like Roop Sangam. I am planning to wear a simple pure silk yellow saree.
  2. Beware of conditions apply especially in jewelry stores. 100% discounts on making charges hardly accounts to anything!! But like I said for must-buy items its always welcome ;)

PS: Info Dated 11- 13 July 2012


  1. Love sales!! :D

    Brought soo much from a sale today :D

    Quick question do you feel we over spend during sale time? or is it actually good ??

    PS : I tend to spend a lot during sale time *confused but have a better wardrobe*

    1. Yes, you easily tend to get overboard while shopping during SALE but if you plan and stay focused, there is nothing like it.

  2. I m ur official FAN nw!!! my god u r awsum!!! dis blog has all i wanted nd sumthings tht i didnt knw i wanted!! i m guessing u live in navi mumbai!! wud love to meet during my wedding planning period(not tht its not started in my mind)!!! Excellent Work!!

    1. Thank you Radhika. Do let us know when you start! We will try to do our best.. :)

  3. The sari is a fundamental piece of an Indian lady of the hour's trousseau. In spite of prevalent thinking, red isn't the main shading worn by all ladies in India on their wedding day.buy silk sarees online

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous…such beautiful photos!


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