August 15, 2012

4-6 months before your wedding

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I feel so relieved to know that I am surrounded by such nice people around! Everybody I know is excited for the wedding. These days anywhere I go, my aunts, friends and cousins have started showing me sarees & dresses which they are going to wear at my engagement/wedding. They sweetly ask me - is it ok if I wear this at your wedding? Do you like this? I feel so special and blessed!

Ok now back to work ladies. These are a few things which you have to finish off before 4 months of your wedding day:

Save the date cards: Give your family & friends the comfort to plan your wedding in advance. Send them Save-the-date cards. Although, be careful about whom to send these cards. Send it to only those people who you are sure of inviting. There can be no turning back!
What did I do: I made it myself. I am done with the card editing just about to release it. I have put the only good photo I have with the guy on this card! Yes, I just have 1/2 good photos with him.

Lehenga hunt: You must at least start the research. Visit a few stores to get an idea on what kinda designs are available in the stores. You dont want to spend on something which is available in bulk no? It takes about a month for the finishing, blouse making and editing (if any). I bought 3 lehengas within one week flat! But I was lucky enough to get what I like so early. Knowing how choosy I am, people often wonder how did that happen? :P
What did I do: The first store I visited, I like 2 lehengas for the engagement. We dint buy it right away coz we wanted to see what else is available in the market. I am so glad we did that because one of the 2 lehengas was so common I saw that almost in every store I went.

Honeymoon planning: Decide how you want your honeymoon to be - Mountains or beaches, Adventure or romance. I love this phase coz there is no time restriction, not many people involved to take decisions, the talk of it itself is just relaxing!!
What did we do: We are sure that we want to go to a beach or a place which is not too cold. But the only problem is that we dont want to repeat the destinations any one of us have seen already. He has seen half the globe and the only places he hasnt seen is the ones I have been to! So now, we are talking to a few travel agents and exploring new opportunities. Fingers crossed..

Wedding favors: You can start up early and take your time rather than rushing into it. Explain your mom that there is no compulsion in giving sarees only as you all know women dont wear these wedding favor sarees.
What did I do: We had to buy about 100 wedding favors. It is not possible to buy sarees worth 5-6K for everybody. I told my mom to buy dress materials in our budget which people generally wear or good Silver gifts which is worth the price and will stay with them forever. She didnt give in with this completely but agreed to some extent.

Wedding decorator hunt: Start looking at pictures for inspirations. Think about how you can make things differently.
What did we do: When we tried contacting a few decorators in June (for a Dec wedding), they said it is too early and then we got busy in the rings and trousseau shopping. Will start from September now. Although we have taken quotations from a few decorators and have estimated on how much to spend.

Book your photographer: Its time you should book your photographer by now. The good ones get booked very early. You also get enough time to have your pre-wedding photo shoot.
What did I do: I am meeting the shortlisted photographers in this week. Will finalize one in the next few days. See more on how to do the photographer research..

Make Up Trousseau: Start trying out products which suit your skin tone and type. Why is what you ask? read this..
What did I do: Detailed update here..


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