August 21, 2012

Bridal Platform heel shoes

Remember the nights you cursed yourself for wearing high heels at a wedding? I too am guilty of not being comfortable in high heels. With such heavy outfits, shoes must be the last reason I want to see myself cry in agony on my wedding day. But I love those pretty bridal shoes and do not wish to compromise on the fall of the lehenga either. Thanks to have platform heels to the rescue. Unfortunately, there isnt much variety in the market for bridal platform shoes. And lets accept the truth, they can never look as pretty as the bridal pencil heels.

So this is what I am doing: I will be buying a sexy heel just the way I always wanted coz when you lift the lehenga a little while walking towards the stage (read: All eyes checking you out!), you might expose your shoes no? Later, when I will be on the stage meeting the crowd, I will sneak into the platform heel I bought yesterday just for Rs 900 in sale!!

Shoe size story
All my life people have made fun of my surprisingly small feet. I remember buying sport shoes from the kids section when I was in college or buying shoes 1 size bigger than my feet just coz the ones I loved never came in my size. I need 4 bridal shoes and I refuse to pay 4-5K Rs for a pair. So wanted to buy at least 3 in sale. There is a simple SALE rule: If you want the best, reach there before the rest. Since I was busy hunting for the lehenga and working on the interiors of my house, I couldnt go sale shopping immediaely. Now when the sale is almost nearing its end I was scared I will not find anything worthy. But thanks to my small feet I never had to compromise coz due to size unavailability! Having tiny feet payed off well when required the most! ;)


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