August 14, 2012

Busy brides life

I am an interior decorator by night, jewellery designer by the evening, bridal blogger while I travel and risk manager during the day. I also handle frequent headache's, viral fever and a continuously running nose these days. While doing all this I am also planning the most important day; of not only my life but several other lives!!

The beauty of weddings is such that I am still happy and lively while doing all of this! Kindly excuse me as I am not able to write regularly!!

All I wish to do:
  • Sleep for some good 10-12 hours
  • Watch TV series back to back like a maniac till my mom gets worried about my future
  • Have at least 20 posts drafted on the blog
  • Have a relaxing choclate milk with school friends in our regular CCD
  • Dream about the wedding day for hours on my dust free (Renovation in progress) couch
  • A candle lit dinner with the guy (minus the to-do lists, ring designs and shopping planning). Just like old times


  1. I know what you mean by the old times - wasn't it perfect just chilling without a zillion lists running through your head?? Being vella is a real luxury!!

    1. Exactly!!! I just want to be Vella for some time ;)

  2. Oh man! I so agree with you! Took a mini vacation last week! Goa! With fiance and friends! Such a welcome break!


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