August 2, 2012

My first successful self make-up trial!!

I am writing this post with immense pleasure after a lot of hardwork, failed attempts and after wasting dozens of cotton rolls (Yes, I am a melo drama queen!! :P) - I FINALLY have a succesful self make-up trial!!

I first started collecting all the make-up essentials which are good quality and cost effective. I dint want to splurge out for the only reason that, I was still experimenting - that means a lot of wastage in trial and error, the perfect shade in the mall doesnt seem to be so perfect at home and I wasnt sure if I would continue this craziness (as my mom says) for long. Imagine the MACs and the Chambors lying untouched in the drawer! Total no-no. I will do a post on Budget vanity box essentials soon.

I rigorously went through the tutorials on the internet for - foundation application, eyeshadow application, etc etc. The first time, I thought I looked great so photographed myself. When I turned the flash on, the camera instantly turned into a make-up detector. I think the application wasnt right coz I saw many small patches where there was no foundation applied and the rest of the area was whitish grey. That was my worst photograph ever!! I mean I actually got to see how would I look if I was ugly.

I was heartbroken but my dedication towards weddings kept me going. I dint want to be dependant on my Aunt/Sister/Friend as I know for sure they would be busy in themselves. In fact I want them to be busy in themselves. I want everybody to enjoy without having to be worried of anything. That's my theme for the wedding.

I tried all the techniques possible but something or the other always went wrong. Meanwhile, I was buying more products. I finally got my Face brush set delivered from urbantouch. That was my magic product. Although the truth is my make-up application skills were improving slowly and steadily. But the brushes did make a lot of difference. I looked good in the mirror and also in the photograph (with flash!) ;) That day my mom actually said I was glowing!!

I am strugling with: I still fumble while applying the eyeliner. Do not have enough variety in lipstick colours to experiment different looks (Apparently, I assumed the only lip colour which looks good on me is chocolate!). I cannot replicate the eye shadow look on the other eye. I am too slow - And I hate it.

I am NOW good at: I can use an eye-lash curler and apply mascara decently. I can now create different shades of brown with all my lip glosses and lipsticks.I have become an expert in removing make-up. Fellow BTB's no matter who does your make-up, it's you who have to clean the mess! That too on the day when you will be tired as hell.

So what's your make-up story?


  1. Try looking for a good lipstick palette, they come with different shades of lip colors. That way you can experiment. ( I took one from lakme just to experiment )

    For eyeliner again try Lakme eye Artist, its like a pen. so easier to use.

    See my review here (although the review is for kajals, I have mentioned Lakme eye artist you can see how it looks)

  2. Shall try the Lakme eye artist & great idea about using lipstick palette! Thanks :)

  3. hey dear ..
    pls stay awayyyy from browns .. like seriously :D :D its is certainly not the color for you...
    a good lip palette is what all you require and dont pick lakme as it has all the shade of browns ,
    you are in Mumbai na ?? go to nearest INGLOT store , see their lip palette refills , try and note down the names and tell MUA i will buy in sale ... come home and buy from ....
    and then store the refills in some magnetic box ( will help you with that)

    remember try in store and buy online , it is 250/- INR for a refill i am sure if you are reading online indian blogs you are aware of that.
    new loreal liquid liner is great , rest your elbow on wall and then apply liner ..

    for lip refills you need a good lip brush and TBS lip brush is really great

    hope this helps D:

    1. INGLOT stores are far away from my home but will find out time and visit. Great idea on the lip palette refills!! I will surely contact you for the magnetic box help.

      I have started following the elbow-on-wall theory - Its working well!!

      Thank you so much!! :)


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