August 5, 2012

What to ask while booking the Wedding Venue

Typically, I have seen in Maharashtrian families that the bride is not involved in booking the wedding venue. Sometimes the first time she sees her venue is on the day of her wedding. Because of our super busy parents (read: over obsessed me), our wedding venue research was done by me and the guy. So I am completely eligible and geared up with data to write this post.

This format covers all you have to know about the wedding venue. I have a wedding diary wherein I write down everything related to wedding expenditures. You can opt for print outs of the following format:

Wedding Venue:
No of people:
      Full day:
      Half day:
Hall Charges:
Monopoly? If yes details & approx rates
      Valet Parking charges:
Monopoly? If yes details & approx rates
      Per hour extra charge:
Wash and change rooms:
      Any other:

With the help of this format you will be able to shortlist 2-3 venues. Below is the checklist of must-ask questions before finalization:
  • In case of indoor wedding in a hotel, ask if the smoke detectors will be taken care of during the vidhi's. Some hotels make you perform your vidhi in the lobby!!
  • To ensure efficient service, the number of waiters serving the guests will be in a fixed ratio. for eg: 1:20 means if there are 500 guaranteed guests, 25 waiters will be serving the food. If the number of guaranteed guests increases to 700, 35 waiters will be serving the food.
  • Maximum number of buffet counters & round tables which can accommodated in the dining area.
  • Are the chair covers along with the ribbon will be provided by the hotel?
  • Outside eatables: In case you will be having a Wedding cake & ‘Pedhas’. Confirm if the cake will be kept in the Buffet for people to eat while having dinner.
  • After the rice throwing ritual in Maharashtrian weddings, the carpet on the stage and the pathways to the stage are to be cleaned. 
  • Enquire about the music & DJ policies, costs, taxes and permissions.
  • Firecracker/Ghodi clauses.
Things to remember:

  • You need have clarity of time and 2-3 dates in hand before you start the research.
  • Go check out the arrangements on a live wedding the venue is hosting. See by yourself if they walk the talk.
  • Check if the venue looks good both in the morning and in the evening.
  • Check if the lighting is adequate.
  • While looking at the venue imagine how it will look when all decorated.
  • Although recommendations are very important in the wedding business, go check out all possible venues even if you dint hear good reviews about it. You never know what clicks!! For eg: My parents gave a bad review of the venue we booked. But when we further analysed the venue in detail, it showed that the way it was decorated, the choice of food, the time my parents went to the wedding together made them a little less impressed. But according to us its the best venue in our preffered location.

I hope this post helps. All the best. Venue reviews coming up soon..


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