September 21, 2012

Coastal scents haul

Ever since I decided to get rid of the browns I posses in plenty, I wanted to buy new fresh lip colors. I bought Inglot Lip refills on IndyaBeauty’s recommendation. I haven’t tried them though as my lip brush is packed in a box and locked in a suitcase (Renovation still going on!). While ordering the Inglot lip refills I wished I could buy at least 10-15 shades. Alas! I just settled down buying 2 shades for a start.
Image courtesy: lipglossandhighheels2

When I came across the Coastal scents 66 Lip Palette I knew this is what will solve my problem! I am still novice when it comes to make up and hence many a times I just believe what the SA tries to tell me. I am not used to see my face all colored up you see! It is at home with normal lighting and after staring at the mirror for long that I understand if the shade looks good or bad. This palette will give me that comfort at an affordable price.  I quickly read a few reviews just to ensure that this is not a horrible product and then couldn’t resist buying it. This palette has a lot of pinks and corals, combination of shimmer, matte and glossy shades. What else do I need!!

Similarly, I wanted to try out different blush colors so bought Coastal scents 10 Blush Palette as well. I always wanted to buy the multipurpose pigments so bought ‘Antique Copper’

This palette will also be used by my family and friends who will be doing their makeup themselves during the engagement and wedding – everybody will have a shade matching their dress now. Totally worth the price! =)


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