September 7, 2012

Honeymoon Destination - Check!

I need not express my love (read: OCD) for planning over and over again but making travel plans is the second best thing I can do! I can undoubtedly become a travel agent now.
We were absolutely fine with any place on the earth. Of course suitable to our tiny pockets – we are (read: HE is) paying for our trip!! My only condition was we should not go to any place either of us have been to. So basically UK, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, Netherlands, Czech, Austria, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand were stroked off out of the list. Ireland & Scotland was a valid option. But December is not the best month to visit the northern hemisphere. Maldives was another option but we wanted to keep it as an option for the future when there is a time crunch and we need a 3-4 day break. This “only” condition had become a pain coz we couldn’t find a suitable place to go. I almost thought we should go to Sri lanka for a nice 11 days trip but thankfully the guy refused to go to Sri lanka on honeymoon.
The guy once mentioned Seychelles as a potential destination. To be honest, I never heard about the place until Prince Williams and Kate Middleton went there on their honeymoon. But we dint want to go to exotic places and stay at sad hotels to stay in budget and Seychelles is a little (read: painfully) expensive. But no matter which ever location we chose as an option, we always came back to Seychelles as we always wanted to go there!

We locked Seychelles – Our dream destination since eternity (after a LOT of research on staying in budget on our luxurious terms). We both cannot stay at the same place (quiet/lively) for more than 4 days. So we decided to go to Dubai for the second half of the honeymoon. We can relax on the exotic beaches of Seychelles after a tiring wedding week and shop till “I” drop in Dubai! (Who am I kidding – I am a girl always on a budget :P so I will shop but only a little)
Things to remember:
1.       Choose a destination you BOTH are looking forward to go to. That’s a definite good start to your honeymoon.
2.       Europe is lovely in summers (June to August). Winters there are too cold to enjoy is what I feel.
3.       African forest safaris are something different and interesting. Give it a thought.
4.       We are lucky that India is a host to tourist destinations of all sorts: Stunning snow clad Himalayas to virgin beaches of Kerala to beautiful hills in east India.
5.       We avoided Australia, New Zealand & South Africa only because the tour demands to travel every second day. Although, both of us love to travel, we dint want to spend half the time in packing and unpacking on our honeymoon.

I have so much research done coz we do not want to compromise on the luxury and we are going to an expensive destination. Plus Christmas is a season when you go to Leopolds and struggle for a reservation! There is SO MUCH to share that I will write a separate post on “Honeymoon Planning Guide”. Any sort of honeymoon travel queries will be entertained here for free!!
PS: I have added my special touch in making a city like Dubai become “honeymoon-ey”. Stay tuned to know how!


  1. Congrats! It must be a relief getting one big thing off your to-do list! I think you picked an awesome place :) Hope its all you wish for and more!
    - thevowsandbeyond

  2. Hey...

    We are also going to Seychelles,We wanted to go to Greece but winters is not a good time.
    Even they boy was unaware of this place until i told him :-)
    We have only booked the hotel and flights , could you please share what all you are planning to do/visit there.


    1. So nice to know that!! :) As of now, I only know that we are hiring a buggy for a day to roam around the Mahe island. Take a ferry and go to Praslin for a day. Have a relaxing spa day. Any other recommendations?

  3. Congrats on getting a huge task crossed off your to-do list! Wish you tons of fun there and may you make many happy memories!

  4. hey every1! cud u suggest any honeymoon destination in india except kerala, shimla, rajasthan plz!

    1. Too many to mention here. I shall do a post on it soon. But in case you need it urgently, try Coorg, Uttaranchal - Auli/Mussoorie, Sikkim, Coonoor, etc.

  5. Hi.. your suggestions and ideas on honeymoon are really very amazing. According to me Bali, Chile, and British Virgin Islands are one of the best suitable places for the honeymoon.

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