September 29, 2012

Kasat Exclusive Store Review

I had mentioned about the saree shopping excursion to Pune in my post here. As promised, here is a store review of Kasat exclusive.
This was the first store we visited in Pune. It is located near the Karishma society in Kothrud. We spent a good 4-5 hours in this store. Yes! The salesman was that good. But then we bought 12 saris (including a few wedding favor saris)
What I found on their racks:
I would have loved to check out their whole collection for this review but because of the time restriction and also because of the men accompanying us, we could only concentrate on our list. We extensively looked into ALL the silk varieties possibly made on this planet (all the varieties are mentioned in this post). I bought a pink hand woven saree for a post wedding event. My MIL bought a designer silk saree which she will wear during the morning vidhi on the wedding day.
What I liked about this store:
  • They have enough stock of the standard Silk sarees in case you are interested. We wanted something different and fresh. The exclusive saris satisfied us to the core. There were many wow moments. Although this was the 1st store we visited in Pune, I am writing this review considering the variety I saw in other Pune stores.
  • The salesmen are enthusiastic and they give you your space without pushing you to buy anything. I hate it when somebody is constantly murmuring to me about how good the saree is. I get awkward and either buy the saree I am not too sure about or bluntly refuse just to shut him up. We were continuously being showed the variety the store possessed for 4 hours straight and the salesman dint default at his job once! This is very important to me. 
  • My father and in-laws have a problem sitting on the floor. This store had a few couches so they could sit comfortably for such a long stretch.
What I din't like about the store:
  • It is away from the main Wedding shopping hub in Pune – the famous Laxmi Road.
  • We almost shopped for 50K INR but when I went for picking up the a few expensive saris, I had to ask for a box which was first said to be unavailable. When I told them I have come from Mumbai just to pick up the saris they easily got the boxes out of nowhere.
  • The expensive saris which were delivered later were packed very inefficiently: Usually the saris are packed such that you see the body on one side and the pallu on the other. These guys packed so bad that we can't even see the border. Minor issue but we have to gift these saris and that is why I was disappointed.
Things to Remember:
Actually this is valid when you go for any sort of shopping. It is nice to take inspiration but do not enter with the mindset (For eg: I want a saree similar to what that bride I saw in the magazine). You will never find patterns repeated in exclusive pieces. And if you find a replica, it might be a run of the mill saree. So, take the plunge! Be a trendsetter! 


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  5. Pathetic store. Pathetic customer experience.
    My mom and dad went to this shop to buy saree on account of Padwa. Mom gave them a budget but still the lady (Name not asked) was not even ready to show any option. She was least interested. Other 2 people came and she ignored my parents and started showing them. My mom and dad decided to move out, to which the manager said they are leaving to which she said let them go and that to on face.
    Is this the way how you treat your customers??? Simply pathetic. Why do you even keep such staff?

    To all those going to buy sarees for the upcoming wedding season thinking 100 times before entering this shop. There are 100 better saree stores who give excellent customer service.

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