January 18, 2013

Marathi Weddings on Femina Brides!! I am loving it.. :D

I am terribly late for this but I dint want to miss thanking all of you for so much love! This post was drafted quite a few days ago:

Am I going crazy or what!?!? Those who have liked the Marathi Weddings Facebook page must be aware that Marathi Weddings was featured on Femina Brides magazine!!!

*takes a bow.. Thank you very much*

I was going through thedelhibride's post where she shared her story on how she felt when she saw the snapshot of her blog's homepage in the magazine. I was thrilled for her. In the last para of her post, she mentioned the other two blogs that were featured are thecrazyindianwedding and marathiweddings. I was spellbound. I actually missed a few heartbeats! :P Its one of those special moments which cannot be expressed in words. I will still try to tell you how I felt.
That feeling when:
-you got that first like on your facebook page/photo
-you come to know that the guy you love is planning to propose you soon
-you saw your first orkut fan is your secret crush
-you got an A in your mark sheet for the first time
-you read the first comment on your blog

This article "Blogger Brides" is mentioned on the cover as 'Wired to Wed – the blogroll to help you plan D-Day". The author Upneet Pansare listed Marathi Weddings along with the following indian wedding blogs he liked:

Here’s the snapshot of the article:

PS: I know I must start blogging regularly. But we are still settling down in the new house and Internet yet to be set up - Hopefully by this Sunday.

Thank you once again!

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