January 24, 2013

SnapDeal's Wedding special

"Wedding Bells around the corner? Here is all you need to make it grand in every way!" is what SnapDeal says.
I received a promo-mail from Snapdeal which concentrated on weddings! How could I not update you all with this.

They claim to have everything you need for your fairytale wedding from Mehendi to Honeymoon. Checkout their web mailer for more details.

Online shopping for your wedding depends upon your risk appetite and comfort of online shopping. If you are new to it, I suggest you should first try online shopping for cheaper/not-so-important items.  You will soon get a hang of it. I have seen brides buying their main wedding outfits online. Which means you can definitely risk buying a pair of shoes, a clutch, etc from such online stores.

What I did: I have a love-hate relationship with online shopping. For the wedding, I only bought a few footwear (bridal & Non bridal), purses, cardigans (for the honeymoon).

Tip: Dont forget to read the returns policy before placing an order.

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