April 30, 2013

aza Sale update - Upto 80% off!!

Hi Girls!
Guess what I saw on the first page of Bombay times today Morning!
aza Sale starts today!!

aza store, Juhu (courtesy: Google images)

April 27, 2013

April 26, 2013

Reader query: Rukhwat ideas for a Maharashtrian Wedding

Anybody who has attended a Maharashtrian wedding must have seen a table full of decorative items and some food items near the stage. It is commonly known as "Rukhwat". The bride's family (mostly ladies), put in a lot of effort to make that small table as innovative as they can. In this post I shall tell you how you can make your table stand out from the rest of the weddings.

Take a look at how my Rukhwat looked like:

April 24, 2013

Store Review: Satya Paul

I visited 2 Satya Paul stores recently. The one in Palladium and the one in Phoenix market city mall. Even though there were a few common pieces, the feel I got from both the stores was very different. Palladium store has more heavier/bridal collection. The phoenix market city had a lot of non bridal stuff for the rest of the family.

April 22, 2013

Store review: Nalli Silk Sarees in Chennai

I was in Chennai just for a day. My non verbal communication skills were put to test and I am glad to announce that I am pretty good at it! Everybody knows about the language barrier in Chennai. I am not going to talk about it coz it didn’t bother me to a great extent. I decided to go to the store accepting that fact. So why crib about it later.

April 17, 2013

Wrapistry's Luxury gift-wrapping and bow tying workshop by artist Amruta Walvekar

Indian weddings are incomplete without gifts. Getting it packed professionally is the best possible solution families take up these days. Pack gifts to be given to your would-be in-laws professionally without having to spend a bomb on trousseau/gift packers. What you learn here will last you for lifetime.
Learn the art of luxury gift-wrapping and bow tying from artist Amruta Walvekar. Trained in London, she has her own luxury packaging company “Wrapistry.” The workshop includes one on one training with Amruta; where you will learn various wrapping techniques & bow making tricks.