April 27, 2013

My "Second" Engagement Photo Book

We barely recovered from the first engagement celebrations. Me and the guy wanted this engagement to be a simple affair. 

It was just a small ceremony with only immediate families which was scheduled to happen 15 days after the first one. With Diwali in between! Diwali in my house is always a grand event. We all eagerly look forward to it. And this one was my last Diwali in the "Pednekar" House. So all the more ecstatic! Although, for my parents this engagement was the real one! The first one they say was just a party. I still remember how nervous/excited they were for this one.
Outfit: The saree I was supposed to wear during pooja as per original plan was too rich to be worn at home event. I wanted something light and normal. I dint even buy a lot of trousseau sarees coz I am not a saree person. I had no time to look for a new outfit. Moreover the ritual demanded 2 sarees! With diwali round the corner, I even struggled to get the saree finishing done. I often have something spare in closet for emergencies. I remembered shopping 2 sarees (even before my marriage was formalised) from the Jashn sale just like that for no reason. Though my mom thrashed me for buying those sarees, they came very handy for an emergency like this. Similarly, my MIL bought a saree for me from an expo only coz she felt it will look good on me. Remember on my hunt for a perfect tailor, I had a spare blouse too! Luckily, the it matched perfectly on both these sarees. 
Jewellery: It wasn't an issue coz I was only allowed to wear real jewellery and Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Diamonds and gold sets were ready. Just had to pick one!
Makeup and Hair: I wasn't all that confident to do it myself for a formal event. So I just dabbed on a lip colour and that was it. My aunt did the traditional sagar weni (a simple plat) and put a hair accessory as my saree was very simple. The guy still tells me sometimes that he liked the second engagement look the most!
Food: We tried a lot to find a good Brahmin caterer for this function. But no good gharguti caterer was ready to work on padva. My mom decided to cook everything and she was super nervous. I didnt understand it though coz we generally have double the no of guests for a birthday party at home and my mom like a magician handles it beautifully without any help. 
Although we did not have a professional photographer, these are some of the pictures clicked by my cousin:

The Jashn Saree

This is how the Sagar Weni looks like! Done in 5 mins flat..

The saree my MIL got from the expo

Simple thali decor
The guy got me my favourite Lilies!! He gifted me 24 such bouquets on my 24th B'day.. His kurta is from Vagad, Chembur
The real wedding countdown begun after this function. Less than a month remaining for our wedding day and less than 15 days remaining for a wedding in the guy's immediate family. 

Wondering why we had 2 engagements? Read this post

BTW did I mention, both my sarees were the cheapest sarees in the house on that day? ;)


  1. Love all the saris!!

    You look great - and very happy :)
    Also - the 24 bouquets! So sweet!!

  2. looking great..any outfit suites on you..
    you are so hot..


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