April 24, 2013

Store Review: Satya Paul

I visited 2 Satya Paul stores recently. The one in Palladium and the one in Phoenix market city mall. Even though there were a few common pieces, the feel I got from both the stores was very different. Palladium store has more heavier/bridal collection. The phoenix market city had a lot of non bridal stuff for the rest of the family.

What I found on their racks:
·         Sarees: Net, chiffon, Georgettes
·         Blouses
·         Suits
·         Accessories

What I like about the store:
Their collection! There were a lot of sarees I liked. The only reason I didn't/couldn't shortlist most of them is because I didnt want to repeat the colours in my collection.
Girls!!! What I liked even more is the price! Pretty bearable. And I thought I still have time to go buy a Satya Paul saree. :P
You get the whole store to yourself. I appreciate such peace of mind while shopping. I often goof up when buying at overcrowded stores.
The bridal sarees at the palladium were to die for! Of course they customize it the way you want.
The SA at Phoenix Market city was very sweet and gave good suggestions.
What I dint like about the store:
Sequence work. It somehow doesn't appeal to me! May be it looks good after draping. I duunno. I am not comfortable in it!
The SA at the Palladium mall could have helped me better to find the right stuff.
Would I visit again?
Definitely yes! I have shortlisted 2 sarees. One which has the pallu joined at the shoulder with some beautiful pearl work. The other is a simple hot pink + gold and orange piping saree. Planning to team it up with a heavy gold blouse. I only need to ensure that there aren't any cheaper dupes in the market.
Things to remember:
·         Don't be judgmental! I wouldn't have entered a Satya Paul store if I considered my budget. (I must confess, I only entered to write a review for you guys!). Only when I had a look at the price tag, I came to know I can buy these lovely pieces! Same happened to me when I went to a Ritu Kumar store last year! Yes their ensemble is expensive, but there is no harm in checking right? And as I always tell you - take inspirations from their designs. So just go and check without any prejudice!
·         Don't compare the prices here with respect to the amount of work on the sarees. You will never be able to buy a saree from here then! Compare how you looked and felt in another saree in the same price range. This will make it easier for you to decide.
MW tip: There is a silent sale going on in the phoenix market city mall! So hurry! Go save some money! ;)


  1. I love printed sarees they have... so colorful and stylish... fabric is super light too.


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