June 17, 2013

Pre Wedding Photobook: Haldi, Mehendi and Mandav Stapna

1. This is what I wore after one of the bathing sessions mentioned here.

Haldi Outfit
2. The guy gifted me this phulkari lehenga material he got from Chandigarh (read: i bullied him to get me a some phulkari material!!). The skirt was supposed to be phulkari all over. The tailor ruined it and what I have right now is one kali of phulkari and one plain with minimal work. But it made a great mehendi outfit! Light and comfy. Everybody at home liked it. Just that it didnt turn out to be like how I imagined it to be.
Mehendi Outfit
3. Red and green Tissue saree by Jashn
Hair: Aunt
No make up. I only put some lip colour.
Mandav Stapana Outfit
 MW tips: Most of you must be knowing that the maharashtrian bride has to wear green chuda. As far as possible, you can have some green in any coloured saree so that the green bangles dont look out of place.

4. I loved this hair style on me! 

 MW Tips: As per maharashtrian tradition, the bride compulsorily has to wear flowers (Gajra) in her hair. No points to guess, I hate flowers in my hair. My mom always knew her child will be troublesome! She somehow agreed with my fuss and didn't force me. We had sorted it in advance. But as soon as I came down from my room the ladies asked me to wear the flowers. I asked my aunt to tie gajra as a band! The bride cant disappoint elderly guests you see! I somehow knew this coming. Which is why I chose not to leave my hair open. So yes, you need to plan for all these small things too! Although, now I feel the hair style is looking better coz of the flowers.

5. I dont have a better picture of the blouse design than this one.

 MW tips: For transparent blouse materials, you can create a pattern with the lining and keep the gala of the main fabric straight as shown. I fetched a lot of compliments from the ladies for this one.


  1. Hi Im getting married in Jan and im looking for a good photographer at a budgeted rate, Please help if you can.


    1. I'm extremely sorry. I just read your comment. Hope you got a good photographer. All the best for your wedding preps! :)

  2. Heya can you describe your blouse in a few words?

    1. Hi Maithili, It is already described above. Its simple - the curves/design cutting should be made only in the lining/aster. The main transparent blouse should have a simple round neck covering the lining. But this style is outdated now and I wouldnt recommend it.

  3. I really like Indian weddings. A few days ago I went to an Indian wedding which was held in Chicago Venues. It was quite different from yours. I don’t know why. I think my friend has some different Indian cultures than your trends. But I really enjoyed an Indian wedding.


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