June 18, 2013

Real Weddings: Marathi Wedding With A Punjabi Tadka - Guest Post by Weddings online

Today I am featuring a real wedding as a guest post from weddings online. Hope you like it!

In our real weddings section this week, we present a lavish ‘rooftop’, cross-cultural wedding that is documented fabulously by Robin of Robin Saini photography. Here is more about the wedding in Robin’s words:
“’Marathi mulgi’ Manali had seen some of my work online and contacted me regarding shooting her upcoming nuptials with ‘Punjabi munda’ Prashant. When I asked her about the planned date, she said that it was not fixed yet as her fiancé was abroad most of the time, due to work. So I asked her to contact me again when he came down and when she did I realized that there was actually very little time to make the preparations.
On the wedding day, I managed to capture various shots of Manali getting ready. Then there are a few shots of her jewelry pieces which I have taken using some ornate flower vases in the hotel’s lobby.
The wedding itself was a grand affair with over 300 guests. It was held at the Hotel Citrus in Pimpri, Pune. It was also graced by the presence of a topnotch Marathi politician who came in with his security entourage; so naturally there was chaos as guests scrambled to meet him. To add to this confusion, the Baraat came in long before it was expected so there was a lot happening all around and shooting it was slightly overwhelming!
Manali and Prashant had an arranged marriage but the post-wedding photographs show how much in love they are. Without further adieu, here are the pictures. Hope you enjoy them!”
necklace on vase
Manali getting ready…
We love the colors on this lehenga…
red dupatta
all smiles
the rituals
The rituals….
Throwing rice signifies that the bride wishes to repay her parents…
spiderman shot
Post wedding shots…
post wedding shots
All images courtesy Robin Saini Photography.

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Marathi Weddings wish Manali and Prashant a very happy married life! :D


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