June 14, 2013

Smart Sale Shopping

I am always on for at least checking out the store during SALE for wedding shopping. Though you might not always get good stuff at half the original price, you will definitely be able to take advantage of 10-20% discounted price. Some people (including my mom and the guy) feel, what’s the point in saving 1000-2000 Rs for which we will have to spend too much time and energy in finding the right stuff? I say, why not! I can use that money in million other things lying in my wish lists since like forever. If you don’t have a wish list – Donate the money! Although, I do agree with them especially when I come home and check that am cheated with worthless products. I am sure this has happened to everybody at least once in your lifetime. That’s when I realized the need to give you small insights which helped me in making better decisions while shopping especially during “Sale”

1.      Always have a list: You can have a small list for the day and a master list consisting of all the things you will need in days to come. Think of optimizing the list to the maximum extent. Assign an approximate budget to the items in the list.

2.      Get into the details: If you are looking for something particular, give more thought into the details before heading to the markets. This ensures you don’t regret later. For eg: if you decide to buy 3-5 suit materials to wear after you are married, give a thought on what colour/pattern you want to stitch it in.
3.      Stick to the list: You easily tend to defer from your list once you see something is being sold at dirt cheap prices. Make it a pact that you will not buy anything that doesn’t exist in the list. It’s simple – If it’s not on the list, it’s not in your fist! :P :P
4.      Stay focused: Do not look at things you which you dint plan to buy for the day. Easiest way to refrain from the temptation is by keeping yourself unaware about its existence!
5.      When to ask for the price: Only ask for the price if you really like something. Or when you like it a little and are unsure. Do not ask for the price of each and everything you see on the racks. Most of the things you buy only because the price was attractive are the stuff you never touch again. Very important to be noted!
6.      Do not fall for the label: I modestly admit that I suffered very badly with this syndrome in my teens. Do not buy something just because it is created by somebody who sells expensive clothes! BIG NO!! Once you know this expensive label is within your pocket limits; most of the times, you start compromising by ignoring obvious needs like the fit, colour etc. Nobody will care about what label you are wearing if it is not suiting you well.
7.      Sort your preferences: Do not ask for stuff on high discount as soon as you enter the store. Try to follow these steps:
a.       Check out the collection
b.      Shortlist your most favorite dress/saree in your budget
c.        Now ask for all highly discounted items (Those with 40-70% off). Sometimes it so happens that they keep their high discounted stuff only for price conscious customers.
d.      Compare the ones you like amongst them with the shortlisted ones
e.       Choose without letting the discount amount affect your decision. (Difficult but not impossible to do)

What I did:
We (Me, Mum and MIL) followed this while my wedding shopping. And it worked! The rule was: If you don’t like a saree in the first look, you probably won’t like it at all! In other words, if you have to think a lot over deciding whether you like it or not – it’s not all that worth it! Of course there were exceptions to this law, but we more or less stuck to it.

Things to Remember:
The sequence you start shopping is very important. Typically, the wedding favor sarees/outfits are in the lower price range than those you buy for yourself. Finish off with the sarees to be gifted first and then look for yourself. Once you see all the expensive sarees, it becomes difficult for you to like the lower range sarees. It is human nature! The added advantage while buying your expensive sarees is that you will be able to avoid sarees whose replica is available in the lower range.

I thought of updating you on this front as the sale season is approaching very fast and you bride-to-be's will have to make some quick decisions. So do your research in advance and have things sorted before the SALE begins.


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