June 9, 2013

Wedding Lehenga Story

Before we move on to my wedding posts, here's a story on how I found my wedding reception lehenga:
When I first tried on my engagement outfit

 I started with the wedding shopping in July 2012. I am painfully choosy while shopping and this lehenga was the most important outfit of my life! I definitely wouldn't take a chance, would I? I am so choosy that my own mother was sure I wouldn't find an outfit for days. She and the guy smartly convinced me that they are busy for the day. To be honest even I was not expecting to see my main wedding outfit on the first day of shopping. So it was just me and my MIL who went shopping that day. This was the first time I went apparel shopping with my MIL. In the first store I was relieved knowing her style of shopping. We checked out 2 saree stores, liked a few sarees but then decided to get my main reception lehenga first. 

Roopkala had a sale going on at that time, hence we planned to visit it coz my mom told me its a nice store for wedding shopping. When we entered the juhu store, the size of the store didn't really match my mom's description. Although I must say that the sarees were lovely. I was not expecting such a small store to have proper wedding lehengas still asked them to show. They directed us to a store in the same complex and we were so tired by then that we decided this is the last store for the day. While we were walking towards the entrance, there was another bride to be who had tried on a lehenga and it was looking fabulous! I instantly fell in love (I still remember that feeling after almost a year).
MIL: still outside the store "Wow"
Me: “Mahag asel (Must be expensive) for sure. Please take control of me if it is too expensive.”
MIL: laughs "the store looks pretty nice!"

All our tiredness just vanished away with just the look of that lehenga. After we entered the store, I saw a few lehenga’s and but every now and then I peeped at the one that girl had tried on. 

As soon as she left I asked how much is that one for? Not that I couldnt ask when she was there, just that I knew she had already made a choice and was about to leave. 
Salesman: *Insert a price less than my budget after 20% discount
I was sold there. Did I buy it? Of course not. 
  • That was the first lehenga I saw from a would be brides eyes! I wanted to be doubly sure if I am making the right choice.
  • My mom n the guy wasn't there with me that day. I wanted to know their opinion too.
  • Some lehenga’s when in fashion, are seen in every other store. I wanted to be sure this was not one of those.
  • I am not a fan of bling and that lehenga was blingy!! But I still like it. So I wanted to see if I like some other lehenga as much as this one.
  • Most importantly, the price was too good to be true. 
After seeing some more lehengas that day I came accross a beautiful blue lehenga which later turned out to be my engagement outfit.

In the next 4 days, I expedited my search for a better lehenga than this one. After having seen majority of the good stores in Mumbai, I bought the one I loved first!

PS: Finally I am back from my brother's wedding. For starters, I would only tell you that it was the longest wedding I have ever attended.


  1. Your back :D

    It was same with me when I searched for my lehenga, you know it when you find it, whether its the first or the 20th

    1. Yes I am back.. ;)

      I agree! You know it when you find it.. :D

  2. Agreed!! I was so scared I would never find 'the' lehenga... i turned out to be one of the very first I had seen!

    1. Even I knew that was the one but somehow just wanted to be very very sure!! :P

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