August 7, 2013

Things you should know while buying Diamonds!

Although it is very important to know the 4 C's while buying diamonds, this post is not about it. Simply because I think there is enough details available on the internet on this. In case you are still unaware of the details, this is Marathi Weddings recommendation :
So these are the things you should know other than the 4 C's while buying diamonds:
First and for most, diamond prices have fallen down by 2.1% in July 2013 for 1-carat certified polished diamonds. It declined 3.7 per cent during the month for 0.30-carat diamonds, 3 per cent for 0.50-carat diamonds, and 1.3 per cent for 3-carat diamonds. (Source: ET article dated August 6, 2013). As I always say, any amount of saving is vital during wedding planning. So in case you are getting engaged or married in near future, go take advantage. Damn it! Even after the extensive research I do, my luck never favours me with all this. Me n my brother got married almost during the same time (<6 months gap!). When I bought my bridal jewellry, the gold was at its all time high and during his wedding it was at its all time low.

It is very important to know that if you buy 2 half carat diamonds (i.e total 1 Carat), the price will be lesser than 1 one carat diamond (Assuming all the other factors such as cut, colour, clarity is same). Bigger the size higher the price! So if you choose to a design which has 1 big diamond and a few small diamonds, the rate of small diamonds will be different from the rate of that big diamond. You should not sum up the total caratage of the ring and multiply with the rate.

I got to know this while I was buying our engagement rings. Prices are increased after in certain slabs based on the diamond weight. For eg: You will see a substantial difference in the price of a 27 cent diamond and a 30 cent diamond. Although you will be surprised to know that there is only a little price gap in a 21 cent and 27 cent diamond and you get a considerably bigger size. This is because the slab changes after 27 cents. Now nobody will tell this to you upfront. This was informed to me as we were well acquainted with the SA at our regular jeweller since we bought a lot of jewellry from them. This site might help you with the diamond rates:

Diamond Baguettes: One of our reliable jewellers explained to us that baguettes are made from left overs (he used the word "Chura") of diamonds and almost charged equally.
Diamond Baguettes ring

Just for your info, normally in India the Colour ranges from G-H and Clarity is VVS - VS, etc. The prices of some diamond sets in Tanishq are less because the clarity is SI. So when you compare prices of 2 sets you like, keep in mind that you have to check their 4 C's and then do a cost-benefit analysis.

Reselling your diamond jewellery is not as easy as returning gold. Ask the jeweller about the resale value of the product. In case your design consists of Baguettes, ask about its resale value. It differs from one jeweller to another and should also be a criterion for your finalization. If you feel it is too complicated, do not hesitate to ask again. Its your hard earn money.

Marathi Weddings tip: Do keep in mind that wedding jewellry eats up a significant portion of your wedding budget. So think ahead and spend wisely.


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