September 7, 2013

10 tips to drive your fiancé into the wedding madness!

This is what I messaged husband dearest last night - 'Onions, Tide Powder and Lots of Love' :P Ok ok I was trying to avoid that why-did-you-even-get-married-look from both the bai's face.

I need not tell you what all would have happened if I just wrote "Onions n tide powder" on a Friday evening when he was in a middle of an important business discussion right? I not only managed to get the required items but it also uplifted his mood! Don't misunderstand that I don't mean it or something. Its just that SOMETIMES you have to play a little smart to make him work. Especially when it comes to  "attending a Kelvan" vs " an only boys reunion" OR "Visiting the aza sale on the first day" vs "Sachin batting in England"

Fortunately, I finished off my lehenga shopping within 1-2 weeks. I had mentioned about the only day the guy accompanied me in this post. I know half the girls reading this must be wondering how did she finished Lehenga shopping in a week! On the other hand, with only half a day of shopping exposure the guy never misses a chance to mock at me when say I was an easy bride. Its just the way MEN are! Here are 10 tips to make HIM a part of your wedding planning:

1. Accept the fact that he doesn't like doing girl-ey stuff: There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. Trust me you will feel a lot better once you accept this fact. But quite often, when all the burden falls on your shoulder, is when you will need him to come and that is why we have this post.

2. Plan well in advance: Ask him for his convenient time and be ready to reschedule your calendar. He cannot say no when you ask him - "When will you be free to check out XYZ venue?". At max, he will delay it a little but cant avoid. So frame your questions right!

3. Be selective: Save his presence for crucial times/things when you REALLY need him. Men are very good observers, so the next time you ask him to come with you, he will understand that the job is important. Even if he doesn't say it upfront, he will understand.

4. Stay focussed: Whenever you both go out shopping - keep a mental note on what places you want to visit and stick to the list. If you are not sure where you want to go, you will waste precious time of His Highness which will count as an excuse the next time you want him to come.

5. Do not substitute HIM for a driver: If you are too tired to drive or to travel alone, book a cab that day. Don't expect him to cancel his plans just coz you are falling short of a driver. He will never be mentally present. And will not let you shop at peace.

6. Club it all: Do not have wedding as your only agenda for the day. Club it with something he is looking forward to. It will help him remain alive.

7. Take a friend along: Preferably his! If he/she happens to be your friend too, then nothing like it. Use this as a trump card i.e. when he is badly resenting to come to some place you feel he should.

8. Consider his opinion: Most of the men hate to go out shopping with their girl is because they feel their opinions are not valued as much as they expect. I by no means want to say buy whatever HE likes - you will end up buying the first thing you see. But its not wrong to hear the other side of the story. You wont believe I have let go some pretty lehengas just because he said it is OKish. I still dream about a baby pink lehenga which made me look so beautiful even without proper hair n makeup! But his presence is worth it no?

9. Sound like a cost controller: However rich your future husband must be, I am sure he must have skipped a few heartbeats at some point in time during wedding planning. So if you tell him that you would save XYZ amount if we visit today, without doubt he will consider coming with you. But if you say I just want to check out the Jade sale, most probably you will end up going there alone. Its called manipulating the truth.

10. TRICK him: I asked the guy to help me write this post - he merrily blurted the truth out. He will never know I might someday use all this against him! ;) Like each lock has its own key, you will have to find out what will make your man speak. Sometimes, a known devil id better than an unknown angel!

If you use the above tricks smartly - one at a time, I am sure he will be accompanying you in most of your shopping sprees. Whatever less is left to you, can be done with your father/mother/mother-in-law/brother/sister. Spare the poor soul completely on those days. Happy Shopping!!

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  1. nice and true.even i shop with my husband but only one thing that i dnt take him with me is lingerie shopping :P


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