September 25, 2013

MW Photographer Feature: Moments That Matter Photography

Marathi Weddings presents

MW Photographer Feature

In this new series, we will feature a Photographer that we feel our readers should know about. Eventually, we will have a list compiled of good photographers which will come handy to our bride-to-be's.

Presenting Sayali Kasture, the first ever bride featured on Marathi Weddings!

Sayali and Saurabh were dating each other since junior college and after 7 long years they decided to take the BIG step. She says she had a great time throughout the wedding with her family and friends around but the part just before exchanging garlands was particularly fun. The atmosphere was full of cheer and excitement!

Sayali feels Shashank, being true to his motto captured all the "moments that matter" without being overbearing or interfering. He was so involved with what he was doing that he just blended with the surroundings! His passion for photography clearly shows in his work. He has the knack of capturing the right moments at the right time. She said, "We were amazed after going through all the pictures he had clicked. Each one was beautiful in its own way." She thoroughly enjoyed having Shashank around on her wedding and have highly recommended him to all her friends, who want to make their big day special.

What I liked about Sayali's wedding: SIMPLICITY. Did you notice how she did NOT use those bindis which are put on the bride's hair? I do not get them!! One or two at the right places might not hurt but please do not decorate your hair with bindis all over. It looks very artificial and tacky. 

Meet the man behind the lens:

Shashank has been capturing weddings, in form of a full time professional photographer, for a over a year now. However, photography has been his passion for close to over 10 years. He says he is fortunate and happy to convert his passion into his profession.

Marathi Weddings TM picture by Shashank :D
According to Shashank, the best part about shooting an Indian wedding is the mix of emotions and colours. The responsibility of documenting a couple's personal history in a creative way makes him deeply involved. He feels each couple is unique and so is each wedding. While the rituals may be the same, their actual implementation differs from couple to couple and priest to priest. So the challenge of capturing the very special moments through the routine and the unique implementation of the rituals is the best part.

Contact Details:
Moments that matter
Can be contacted on: +917702656161 or
You can view his albums:

Sayali, we wish you and Saurabh all the happiness!! Have a wonderful married life ahead..


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