September 28, 2013

My Sangeet Photobook

The Pre weddings were followed by a Sangeet night. I danced my heart out like there was no tomorrow. The only thing I missed was my Groom!! Read on to know why..

Rubies from Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers, Dadar

Hair done by one of my Aunts

Self Make up i.e NO Make up just swapped a Lipstick
No make up because: It was an out door function - Mumbai is humid all round the year. I get all sweaty when I dance too much. So I was clear about not having make up done for the Sangeet from the start.
All the hair accessories were dangling soon after I started dancing. Tip: Either don't have your hair accessorised or dance like a bride is meant to dance!! 
I danced like no one is watching!!
Outfit from Sagar Couture Bandra

All the dadis' were sending young messengers telling me to take it easy on the dancing as I was the bride. :)
For those who are wondering how can the groom miss his own Sangeet: Our family traditions are such that the Bride and Groom cannot leave their respective homes/Mandavs after Mandav stapna or after Haldi. So my Groom who was 26.8Kms away from me obviously couldn't attend.

Technically, even I wasn't allowed to step outside the gate of my house. But my parents knew how I lived my life to dance at my wedding ;) :P About a 100 close family and friends were there around me and I had the Sangeet I always wanted!!


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