September 3, 2013

Vendor Review for Wedding gifts / Decor items in Meenakaari

Our families were after our lives to make us go to Mumbadevi. Most Mumbai weddings are only completed by paying a visit to goddess Mumbadevi. 8 months later we finally got a chance to go there! While I was waiting for the guy to reach there, I came across this store (Shanti Metal Industries) where there were beautiful boxes with Meenakari like painting done all over. No doubt I quickly went in to check the quality and price for you guys.

It is a regular utensil store in the Bhuleshwar market. But in this store, the utensils are also painted with Meenakari. There were flat dabba's, thali's, vertical dabba's, Kalash's, etc. All these items are completely washable. They get this Meenakari painting done on steel/copper and then laminate it to lock the colour. Obviously, the copper ones are more expensive than the steel ones. It can be made-to-order even for small quantities. You have a chioce of 2 colours - Red n White. I feel the NRI Brides can place bulk orders too. 
Marathi Weddings Tip on how to use it:
Bride entry accessory: While the bride enters the venue, her sisters and friends can carry diya's/candle placed on small plates with Meenakari.
Rukhwat item: A Meenakari painted dabba will add so much grace on your Rukhwat table.
Wedding favour gifts: I am sure your guests will be more than happy to receive such beautiful items like a pooja ki thali.
Jewellery box: They come in different sizes with a velvet lining. It will add an ethnic touch on the dressing table.
Decor: Get a big metal container for floating candles. Use it in front of the Ganesh idol at the wedding and then reuse it at your door step on your first Diwali to impress your new neighbours!
Kara (Kalash in the wedding): I mentioned about the importance of "Kara" or "Kalash" in this post  on Maharashtrian rituals. The sister of the bride has to carry it throughout the wedding. Wont it be nice if she would get to carry something which she will appreciate? Although if I am not wrong a Kalash is required almost for any Hindu wedding. Now a lot of decorative Kalash's you will find in the market are not made of copper and I am sure like my parents, most parents will also not compromise on copper for decor. This store has copper Kalash's with Meenakari work on it.

Tali (Pooja Thali in the wedding): Next to the Karawali, stands a tali-wali holding a pooja thali. I would have loved to have a Tali with Meenakari all over it. Alas! I was unaware of this store and never thought I will get it so easily. This is how my Tali looked like. I got it from Pune (Tulshi Baug).

Gift: Surprise the bride-to-be when she comes over for the "Kelvan". It will be of great use to her and such an unusual gift to give!
Marathi Weddings tip: I always recommend to buy ONLY those wedding decor items which are reusable. When you use it later in your married life it will remind you of your wedding day. Also, Indian Weddings are infamous of being a waste of money - Save wherever you can! Dont let your wedding be just another event in your life!


  1. any idea about similar shops in delhi?? please suggest!! thanks :)

    1. Hi Saumya, you can get these at Chandani Chowk, Kinari bazaar. I have personally purchased from there, great stuff and a lot of variety.

    2. Thank you for the prompt response Roli!! :)

  2. Hi Aditi,
    Helpful and amazing post. I like your idea of gifting it as wedding favors. Do you have any idea of how a small round/square box of say 5cm in diameter would cost? Just in case you have any idea of it.

    Thank You

    1. Thanks. The smallest red box (~ 10 cm dia) in the first pic is priced at Rs 200.

  3. hi.i am from Mauritius.I need the contact details coz i want to buy some meenakari items.

  4. Hello...I wish to buy sum storage containers for my kitchen in meenakari. ...can u send pics wid prices to my e - mail address located in pune

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