November 29, 2013

Anniversary Plans.. Please help!!

We have no plans for our anniversary which is just 15 days away!! :-\ So I bombarded the guy with BBM msg's and he did not show up. I kept on asking whether I am supposed to take a day off, etc etc hoping he would get bugged and reply. Still no response.
I said, "Pl dont get me an expensive gift.. I dont need anything right now."
He was online the next second! Men will be men.

As far as I know him whenever he is too busy to plan something special he just buy me an expensive gift which is totally not required read: I like buying my own stuff. Honey if you are reading this, cash/cheques are welcome. Remember my reaction on the crystal rose you got for me a few years back??

Originally, we planned to go on a vacation as we havent been on a big holiday since Seychelles. Now, we cannot even leave Mumbai until my health issues are completely sorted. I feel bad for him coz I dont understand how is he supposed to plan anything when I cant stay out of the house for more than 2 hours. So we decided to plan a no-surprise anniversary together. Also because it will be difficult to act surprised when I am waiting for a surprise!

Any suggestions for a patient who wants to have a special day in Mumbai?


  1. Get well soon.. I totally agree there are hardly any boys who have good sense for gifting. I once told my guy that I like teddies (most of girls like them) so for 3 consequent occasions he kept on bringing teddies in all size and shapes. And he used to say surprizeeeee with a big smile and I was like woowww (bang my head on near by wall) thats so creative. Finally I told him that I like teddies however not that much that on every occasion you buy me one.. he said fine then I will not buy gifts for u, u can do shopping of ur choice. Thank God so no more teddies.

    If your living alone- May be you could plan a special dinner (order from outside), call a decorator for decorating your home with flowers and candles to surprise him (romantic way)

    1. hahaha.. Life would be so much easy if they could remember things like - "I need clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel this winter" :P

      I'm staying at my mom's house these days. Dinner at our place would be a good change for both of us especially because we both are missing OUR home! I didnt thought decorating it with flowers. Thanks for the idea!! :)


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