November 19, 2013

October updates!!

Where have you been so long is what you ask - hospital and meds is my answer!! I got operated last month and was advised bed rest for quite some time. I resumed office last week and after settling down there I am all set to start writing for you guys again.

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I always presumed being unwell is synonymous to loosing weight. I remember in my teens I secretly wished to fall ill just to loose that flab on the hip! And now when I am actually sick, the doc said I would gain about 7-8kgs because of the meds!! Now what kind of illness is this!! Totally not cool. As if I wasnt getting any fatter already. Moreover, mom n MIL being TOO careful do not leave an opportunity to feed me which I think will contribute to another 7-8kgs!! WHY ME GOD, WHY!! Alas! After a lot of counselling from papa I am finally accepting the bitter truth.

Why am  I giving you such detailed updates? This is because anything can happen to anybody out of the blue. Have you come across moms taking extra extra care of their bride-to-be daughter? We'll, my mom was no exception. Honestly, I used to get bugged at times with "don't do this", "Avoid eating out", "no night outs", etc. But having seen so many brides falling sick a few days short to the wedding, I feel it is better to be safe than sorry. There are a few things in life we don't have control over. You just have to positively accept the fact! There is just no other option! Always remember a healthy bride is the best bride.

So what if ALL my first's (Dushera-engagement anniversaries-Diwali-the guy's birthday-n the upcoming wedding anniversary) are not being celebrated the way we (read: I) have imagined. We both have planned to celebrate all this next year like it's our first!!

I must say, the guy has been unimaginably supportive towards me and stayed with me throughout (More importantly leaving all his work aside). I got my feeling of being somebody's life partner when I was being moved to the OT. Not kidding at all!! I got that better-half wala feeling after being married to him for almost a year.

Well, I am not completely okay yet and hence havent started driving, which gives me more than an hour of evening cab ride for the blog - like old times. ;) I know I have a lot of queries pending. I will try to respond to them as soon as possible. I promise! Thank you so much for staying with me. I have seen that the blog hits have not reduced a bit when I was away. Keep supporting! I am so happy to finally get back to the blog!


  1. Hi Aditi,
    I have read ur blogs and i liked them very much. My wedding is on 28 Dec 2013. Could you please suggest best mehandi artists in Pune?
    Actually I myself a good mehandi artist, so I like fine designs. Please help :)

    1. Thank you Tejal. Congratulations on the wedding. I will try to find out some mehendi artists for you.

    2. Recommended by a bride to be friend.. Delhi mehendi wale: 9561695599, 9158798361

  2. Get well soon :) and really take care of yourself!!

  3. Get well soon and take care of yourself.. Dont worry about few pounds once you are back in good health you can always reduce and get back in shape. :)


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