December 31, 2013

New Year Woes!

New Year - When single: I hope I will find somebody this new year
New Year - When dating: I hope I will get to spend new years with my boyfriend
New Year - Before engagement: Next new year I will have a ring on my hand
New Year - After engagement: My first new year with a ring!
New Year - Wedding year: It's my first new year as a wife
New Year - After marriage: New years is highly overrated.. Let's have a house party!
Image courtesy: @SPGirl twitter

December 28, 2013

Wedding OOTD: Friend's Engagement

I attended an engagement function a few days back which I was looking forward for a long time. This friend of mine is a regular blog reader and we have had long long chats on her enngagement planning. I could see happiness on her parents faces all throughout. The evening was filled with stories, laughter, music, dancing, happiness and a few happy tears.

December 20, 2013

Anniversary Update & Dinner date OOTD

It was our first wedding anniversary this Monday and I am stumped by the guys over-sweet behavior. Since we couldnt leave Mumbai this time, we decided to have a small dinner date at a nearby restaurant. Little did I know about the BIG surprise!

December 11, 2013

Mehendi Tales (My Mehendi pictures)

I find it strange that I love applying Mehendi but don't like it on my hands so much that I wouldn't mind  being a mehendiless-bride! All my aunts gasped in horror when I said why do we need to put Mehendi for an engagement? I should have recorded their reaction! They planned to have a proper mehendi function for an ENGAGEMENT. I offered to have a function only for them but they didn't take no for an answer. Me, a poor first time bride started doubting if I was doing a right thing. They talked into me and made me put a full bridal mehendi (upto elbow) for an engagement where all I wanted was french nails. I surrendered on one condition of sparing my legs from the mehendi. They cribbed for some time and then got busy with their mehendi (thankfully!).
Engagement Pic: Was the 3-18 hours spent on mehendi worth it?

December 8, 2013

A brides' must visit: Mangaldas Market and around!

I have got numerous queries for lace and cloth market in Mumbai. I always knew that you get all kinds of lace & latkans in Bhuleshwar. Although, I always tried to avoid its narrow by lanes. But like a good bridal blogger, I decided to be the guinea pig and get as much information for the readers.

December 2, 2013

Wedding wear OOTD: DIY Lehenga

A wedding can never fail to cheer me up! Moreover, I was stepping out of the house (not considering office of course!) after a month and a half. Unfortunately, I could only attend the reception for a few hours coz of my health problems. I planned to wear my engagement outfit (photos here). The planner in me made me check whether the top still fits me (Medicines you see! ;) ). Luckily it did! I wasnt too worried for the skirt coz I only wore it twice and it was so neatly wrapped that I refused to open the pack.