December 20, 2013

Anniversary Update & Dinner date OOTD

It was our first wedding anniversary this Monday and I am stumped by the guys over-sweet behavior. Since we couldnt leave Mumbai this time, we decided to have a small dinner date at a nearby restaurant. Little did I know about the BIG surprise!

Gateway of India view from our room
The guy had booked us a room in Taj Mahal Palace overlooking the Gateway of India. The view was perfect and it was an experience in itself. We went to our usual hangouts (Cafe Mondegar, Delhi Darbar, etc) at walkable distance. Relaxed by the pool side in a private corner just talking and not worrying about anything in the world. It was perfect!
From our private pool side corner
I loved his idea, coz everytime I had to pop in some pills, I could rest for a few hours and then get back to celebrate again! I have become a pro in taking meds BTW! I can now pop in 2 pills at a time.
Dinner date time!
I tried to surprise the guy with "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" cupcakes
We got the cupcakes from Bandra and that place screams Christmas!! It was so cheerful that I wish to have a christmas tree at home. Next time for sure. Taj as always was decked up with the festive decor.
Christmas decor at Taj Mahal Palace
I love shopping on budget at Colaba causeway. Back in college days, we came here specially to shop. This time, I got a 1000 Rs budget. Overall it was a bumper celebrations!!


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