December 6, 2013

Marathi Weddings Recommends: DIY Hairstyles for brides

Great for summer weddings. One or two practise rounds will get you going!!
Video Link

Cinthia Thruong is the best in business of video hair tutorials. Just love her videos. Go to the links mentioned below.

Romantic Bohemian braids: Video Links
If you are not comfortable with a hair curler like I am then skip it. These braids look good as it is too!

Princess Braided updo: Video Link
This looks slightly difficult but once you get the braid right, it is a cake walk thereafter. I still didn't get a hang of it but love the finish look so much that I will keep trying.

Hair twist: Video Link
Super easy.. Super pretty!

Elegance Half Updo hair tutorial: Video Link

Easy 2 minute look: Video Link
I do this to my hair very often!! You will surely get complimented.

Marathi Weddings Tip: 
Do not try to be overly perfect. I dunno if its just me or all amateurs feel that way but I used to be too critical about one/two messy strands in my hair. For e.g.: When I used to do a simple poof on my crown, I never got a smooth finish. So no special hair grooming happened to me ever! Wear whatever style but with confidence and trust me NO BODY except you will notice that tiny strand of hair peeping out!

Image courtesy: Cinthia Thruong (


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  2. Stunning hair styles, thanks for sharing.

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