January 28, 2014

Sameera Reddy and Akshai Varde's Marathi Wedding photos

Sameera Reddy was a marathi bride of Akshai Varde. They privately got married a few days back. Sameera wore a gold brocade saree designed by designer Neeta Lulla for her wedding. 

January 26, 2014

My Wedding Photobook: Part 2 Yellow saree OOTD

The Guy: "Mom, Aditi is wearing a green saree!!!" (read: NOT the yellow one for which she made us run into so many stores. In reality, we only went to 3 stores in one day and I bought this)
His Mom: WHAT!! How can she wear a green saree? It's not allowed!
When I saw the guy at the reception, I jokingly told him that I changed my mind about wearing a yellow saree. The nervous bride in me was trying to be funny. Wrong timing. The even more nervous groom took it seriously and told his mom about it! His mom is the super coolest maharashtrian mom I have come across so far. Even she was not ok with me not wearing yellow during the pheras. So basically, the yellow saree is a big deal in our weddings!

January 4, 2014

My Wedding Photobook: Part 1 OOTD

On a beautiful December morning last year, excitement in the Pednekar house was at its peak. We were about 60-70 of us under one roof having tea n breakfast together. It seemed to be a big family get together! I was chilling around with my cousins who were pampering me just too much. Every one was concerned about what I was eating, if I was too tired coz of last night's crazy dancing, if I slept well. I can never forget the way they smiled at me when walked past them. Now who doesn't like that?!? No wonder every girl wants to be a bride forever. When else will you get that queen-like feel!!!