February 1, 2014

Best of Instagram - January 2014

Yes, we are on Instagram now!! January updates for those who still do not follow us there.

I went shopping ALL ALONE this sale season. I never thought I would say this but MEN CHANGE post marriage!!

Absinthe from Maybelline colorama range on my nails

Winter essential - Marks and Spencer's Hand and Nail cream. This is kept on my desk and I use it too often than required coz it smells so so good!

Floral Decor at home for a party with cousins at home. Had a lip smacking home made chicken curry which I didn't cook of course! 

I made this super easy yummy creamy chicken whole wheat pasta in white sauce. The guy loved it so much that he wont eat any pasta for another month - overdose!! Dont blame the pasta okay.. We should have ordered something else for dinner.

I love these table mats which my MIL bought from London a few years ago. I found them after so long so she gave it to me!! =)


  1. The pasta looks amazzing... u re really multitalented :)


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