February 3, 2014

Corallista's Indian Bridal Makeup Tutorials

Ankita is a Beauty Blogger (Corallista.com) who recently got married. She did a series of Indian Bridal Makeup tutorials which I feel young bride-to-be's must watch even if you're not planning to do it yourself. 

I have been watching her videos over-n-over again for quite some time. Now, I may not use half the products she uses but I learnt to select colour combinations and polished my make up application techniques. I must say (based on the recent compliments) that I am making extraordinary progress. I did my own makeup on all days at a friends wedding this December. 

Pink + Gold Bridal Make up

Mac Ruby Woo Bridal Make up

Coral + Bronze Bridal Make up

Glowy Bronze Festive Make up

There are many tutorials in the blogosphere but I could really understand make up application from Ankita for 3 reasons:
1) All the products she uses are familiar and easily available in Indian market.
2) She starts from the scratch and you can look at the vivid before-after difference which makes the video more realistic.
3) She used to stay in Mumbai and has oily skin. So got so many tips from her.

Marathi Weddings tip:
Invest in a small brush set from Vega and a foundation brush and try to use whatever makeup you own already until you get a proper hang of it. These brushes mentioned in the video are very expensive and will only be useful if you know the right technique.

PS: There are many more videos where she has given tips to hide dark circles in detail. You may find all her videos here: Youtube Link


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