May 6, 2014

Reader Query: Tips for the Sister/Sister-in-law

Have a wedding in the family? You know who the guests will be looking for after the Bride/groom? The mother/sister/sister-in-law of the Bride/Groom! However fancy it may sound right now, the fact is that the wedding day is going to be the most exhaustive for you. This post will help you organize yourself so that you don't lose your head on the day of the main event

Stay ahead of time: Find out details of major rituals in advance. If you're the sister of the bride, you should at least know when you will be required for which ritual.
Seek help: It is not possible for you to handle everything on your own. Don't shy away for help.
Shop in advance: You may feel why is she stating the obvious and who is interested to shop at the last moment. Yet, the fact is that 90% of the times you don't manage to stick to the plan, and you JUST CANNOT afford to keep things pending till the end! Its not that difficult. Just keep a deadline to your to-do list and make sure you stick to it. 
Pack it up: Pack your outfits along with accessories for all your functions in separate bags. You will not get that leisure time on the day of the event.
Play the bitch: Give yourself a priority (after the bride/groom of course) as you will get the shortest time to be ready. 

Add a fun element in your outfit - like this "Sister in law" Badge! ;)

You're the host: Once you are ready [;)], just smile and be courteous to your guests. 
Show your love: I'm sure all you girls love the bride/groom just too much. Its the time to show your love. Surprise your brother/sister with a small (really short) note which will make him/her feel special. Be as innovative as you can. 

Most important of all: Be on time. I'm guilty of not being ready on time when my brother was leaving the house. I directly saw him at the venue. Remember at all times - you are going to be stressed but its his/her day!

Marathi Weddings tip: Let your outfits be light but go bold on your makeup and accessories so that you look like a sister-in-law of the groom. Lighter outfits = More energy = more enjoyment!


  1. Some handy tips there. Will keep these in mind during on my sister in laws wedding :D

  2. Great post.... thanks for sharing :)

  3. Nice blog... Impressed...Best of luck Aditi..!!

    -Hrishi Vachpekar
    Wedding Planner

  4. Good tips !! However I must point out that at times no matter how much one plans for a marathi matrimonial event, murphy's law has abig role to play :)

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    Better information for the sisters or sister in laws.
    Will be valuable for any function of wedding.
    Thank you.

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    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips. Wedding occasion is such a great event.

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