May 30, 2012

25 steps away from your perfect day!

The most important function of your life can be planned just in 25 simple steps. Of course we would be discussing everything in detail (This list is good enough to plan a rocking wedding. But if you are also as crazy as I am, stay tuned!). Just want to tell you that you will not have to pull your hair in the last month if you calmly follow these steps.

  1. Pick a Date: Keep 2-3 options in hand. Will be easier for you to book your services (venue, caterer, etc). More details..
  2. Estimate your Wedding Budget: Be realistic. Do a small research to understand what the current market rates are. Always estimate on the higher side i.e. the pessimistic value.
  3. Finalize the number of events:  Will be dependent on the wedding budget. It makes sense to cut down on a number of small events, and use the money to have one perfect wedding day in the same budget. Plus I feel you tend to get so exhausted in the pre wedding ceremonies, that you barely care about the special one!
  4. Estimate the number of guests for each event: Unfortunately, the phrase “More the merrier” can never ever be applied here. Very difficult to achieve, this but just invite those who really care about you and your wedding. More details..
  5. Wedding Venues: A significant amount of research is required before you finalize a venue. Just visit each and every possible venue, you never know what clicks! What looks average on the outside might look perfect from the inside. More details..
  6. Save-the-Date cards: Important if you have guests coming from various far off towns. It will be convenient for them to plan their visit. You can DIY and e-mail it for free!
  7. Tailor: If you have a reliable tailor in place who delivers outfits on the committed time, which barely need alterations, you are the luckiest female on the planet I would say. Preferably have a tailor who can do/arrange hand work as well. You can add that X-factor to your typical saree which will not go unnoticed. More Details..
  8. Photographers & Videographers: Start researching early. Get quotes from all of them, self-rate your favorite ones. Will make it easy for you to take your decision. Test the photographer on your engagement to avoid disappointment in your wedding photos. Plus you might get a discount if you book the same one for all the events. More Details..
  9. Caterering: Work on the caterers preferably by recommendations, as wedding success or failure will be dependent on this. Arrange food trials 2 hours after the food is put up on the counter in live weddings. You will get true feedback and will be able to take quick decisions.
  10. Decor: Start researching over the internet and take pictures along with you while discussing with the decorator – So that he understands your exact expectations. Book sufficiently early as the good accessories they have might get booked. But plenty of variety available in the market.
  11. Wedding Trousseau: Decide early on what you want to wear when. Avoid repeating your type of attire. If you wish to wear a saree only, it can be worn in different ways to keep up the excitement. But you need to keep the style in mind while shopping, coz if the style do not match the saree it might look horrible.
  12. Jewelry/ Accessories: If you are not allowed to wear artificial jewelry on your wedding day, I would suggest buying your jewelry before the main wedding outfit. You can get your saree/lehnga in whatever colour you want. But getting the right real jewelry for your outfit is difficult. You can have it customized but then you might have to spend more. ONLY buy when you are really sure!! More details..
  13. Engagement Party Planning: If possible schedule your engagement 2-3 months before your wedding. You can readily use your learning in the wedding planning. For eg: You can stay away from your makeup artist who made you look like a stage artist. More Details..
  14. Invitations: Print invitations only towards the end when majority of your expenditures are freezed. You can save on such items in case of a budget overshoot.
  15. Honeymoon Plans: You can start planning immediately after the venue is booked. But make bookings after majority of expenses are taken care of to enjoy without worrying about further expenses. Consult both the families - your parents and in laws if they need you for some post wedding rituals (like Pooja/Temple visits) as cancellations will unnecessarily add up an extra cost.
  16. Beauty services: Mehendi, Hair, Make-up and Sari draping: Work on these services preferably by recommendations. Build up a rapport with these vendors by going in for trying their services well in advance so that you can be comfortable on your wedding day. 
  17. Wedding Cake (Optional): You can have one extra event and an added dessert in the menu for negligible cost!
  18. DJ (Optional): Compile your favorite wedding songs and ask one of your cousins to be your DJ for a cheaper option! 
  19. Book your Priest/ Pundit: Please make sure of how much time he is going to need for the rituals. Ask if you will have to change your attire as a part of the ritual so that you plan accordingly.
  20. Wedding Favors: Typically in Maharashtrian weddings sarees are given as wedding favors. I have a few wedding favor ideas which will be appreciated by both - the guest and our pockets!!
  21. Rukwat: In Maharashtrian weddings the bride’s family displays gifts/food items on a table. You can put photo frames with the engagement pictures or cute pictures of the bride and groom. Keep only things that you will eat or use later after the wedding to avoid wastages.
  22. Ceremony preparations and Other Stationary: Gift packing, Trousseau packing can be done by yourself with the help of your family to add a personalized touch. Plus it will also look good in the pictures! ;)
  23. Bridal emergency kit: Put everything that you are remotely going to need on your wedding day in one bag and hand it over to your Maid of honor. Do this in advance and your chances of becoming a bride-zilla on your wedding day will reduce by 90%.
  24. Pre-Bridal treatments: From gold facials to spa therapy, go get relaxed and make yourself feel special. Check for deals on such treatments on websites like Deals and you, Crazeal, etc to avail huge discounts.
  25. Thank you cards: Can be personalized and sent by mail once you are back from your honeymoon free of cost. But will be appreciated by your guest for a long time!  


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